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Urban Finery Co.

c/o 2004 Bogan Excellence Gala

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Turn Up the Nostalgia: Bogan’s 2004 Reunion Night at BassLine!

FRIDAY, June 21, 2024

6pm to 10pm: Official Gala

10 to 2am: Juke Party!!!

🥂✨🎉 Ayy, Class of ‘04! Get ready to step into BassLine with that 2000's swag for a night where we bring the good ol’ days back with a touch of class. It’s our 20th Reunion Cocktail Gala, and trust, you don’t wanna miss this!

**Memories & More:** We’re mixing the sweet memories with today’s vibe as we reconnect and share laughs that’ll echo like back-in-the-day hallway chatter. Let’s fill up the room with the spirit of Bogan’s finest and make some new tales for the books.

**DJ Spinning the Hits:** Our DJ’s on deck to lace us with those throwback beats and fresh hits. It’s time to move like we’re back at prom night, showing these youngbloods how it’s done. Let’s hit the floor and vibe out!

**Swag Bags:** We ain’t just talking any gift bags; we’re talking swag bags loaded with love, a little surprise, and a whole lot of soul – because that’s how Bogan does it.

**360 Cam Magic:** Step into the spotlight with our 360 cam capturing your shine. It’s all eyes on you, fam. Let’s show off that glow-up and keep these memories spinning.

**First Sip’s On Us:** Grab that drink ticket and let’s toast to the days when we were just dreaming about nights like this. First one’s on the house — let’s keep it grown and sexy.

**Feast & Fizz:** Get your taste buds ready for a buffet that’s all about flavor and finesse, and let’s clink those glasses for a champagne toast to two decades of life’s ride. Y’all know we bring the feast and the fizz!

**A Night to Remember:** This ain’t just any reunion. It’s a celebration of our legacy, our bond, and that unbeatable Bogan pride. Let’s come together and turn it all the way up.

✨ **So mark that calendar, save that date, and roll through to BassLine for a reunion that’s set to be as epic as our graduation day. Bogan’s Class of 2004, let’s get it!** ✨